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conference Location

ITaly  Cosenza


Province of Cosenza

The province of Cosenza (Italian: provincia di Cosenza) is a province in the Calabria region of Italy. Its provincial capital is the city of Cosenza. The province has a total population of 732.000 inhabitants as of 2015 over an area of 6,709.75 square kilometres (2,590.65 sq mi), giving it a population density of 110 inhabitants per square kilometre; it is the largest province in Calabria. The provincial president is Mario Occhiuto and it contains 155 comuni (comune), listed at comunes of the Province of Cosenza

How to reach the conference from Rome

There are three options to ride from Rome to Cosenza

1- Take a flight from Rome to Lamezia terminal (either Ryanair company or Alitalia), it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, then from Lamezia they can reserve a bus called "Al volo" (http://www.al-volo.net/) and they will arrive directly to the hotel.

2- Take a bus from Rome to Cosenza: there is "SIMET" company or "La VALLE" company; it takes about 5 hours; to Cosenza, the people from hotel can bring directly the attendees to the hotel (I think 10 minutes by a private bus).

3-Take a train (the company is Trenitalia): they can reserve a train seat from Rome to
"Castiglione Cosentino": it takes from 3 hours to 5 hours (Depends on the type of train) Then I they have to change train: from Rome to Paola which is direct, then from Paola to Castiglione Cosentino it takes 15 minutes, then from Castiglione Cosentino in 10 minutes the attendees can be at the hotel by a private bus.